Our Story

Motionsic’s mission is to advocate the joys of head-tracking FPV flying and broaden the perspective to enjoy RC hobby.

Motionsic started as a youtube channel showcasing the joys of flying head-tracking FPV from the cockpits of RC planes - from practicing basic airmanship skills such as takeoff, approaches, and landings to precision aerobatics; and further to advanced skills like formation flying and mock dogfights.  The fun and skill progression continues.  Along the way, viewers often asked about where to get the equipment needed to fly the same way.  And I can not answer, as the pan & tilt gimbals on my videos were custom made by me (with much time & frustration) to fit each airplane.  All commonly available pan & tilts had obvious faults that do not fit typical RC plane cockpits.

I had started the channel to inspire other RC flyers to fly the same way in hopes that major RC/ FPV manufacturers would continue to develop head-tracking related products for purchase. eg. I was a huge advocate for DJI’s Goggles RE which included wireless head-tracking.  Unfortunately, they dropped the HT feature on DJI FPV Goggles.  And existing head-tracker (ie. from Fatshark & Quanum) became scarce.  But I clearly see a need that my viewers were asking.  

So as a new year resolution for 2021,  I decided to make it easy for fellow RC flyers to implement head-tracking FPV by producing an easy to install, top quality gimbal for purchase.  And Motionsic BadAss Gimbal was the result.  Viewers are now asking about the wireless head-trackers that we use.  So we will be producing the head-tracker for purchase as well.

As more RC flyers adapt to HT FPV flying, we will continue to develop products and techniques to enhance their in-flight experience.  Please let us know what you would like to see and how we can improve!

Motionsic is a USA based family business in Irvine, California, with extended family in Taiwan responsible for manufacturing of products.  The buck stops with us from design, production, to marketing.  We take complete responsibility for our products.

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