Introducing Motionsic B.A.G. (BadAss Gimbal) Mini FPV Pan & Tilt Mount

After working for better part of the year, I have finally realized my 2021 new year resolution to bring a well thought-out compact pan & tilt FPV camera mount to market so that any one who wants to experience smooth head-tracking FPV flying like I do can easily do so! 

Knowing all the pitfalls of commonly available pan & tilts, mainly being too bulky to fit under most RC plane canopy, vibration prone and with limited pan range with cheap clunky servos.  I set out to design one that solves all these issues and also make it super easy to install, easy to adjust to scale pilot eye height and allow for pan and tilt range to imitate full range of human head movement (except roll) and check 6 for bogies.

I wanted to work with a quality, reliable servo manufacture to make the servos to my specification and after much search and evaluation, finally decided to collaborate with Savox in Taiwan (happens to be near my home town).  But unfortunately, chip shortage caused months of delay for production.  On top of that, as I finalized my design, I got the shocking news that DJI was stopping production of the FPV Camera/ Air Unit.  That put my project in limbo for a while until Caddx FPV resumed production with their compatible FPV cameras.  Then a bout of pandemic spread caused shut down in Taiwan that further delayed plastic injection tooling.  That was also an iterative process which took several tooling corrections to get gear meshing and air unit holder tolerances exactly right.  And waiting for samples to be mailed to me for checking also took forever.  But enough about the tribulations.

I would like to give a shoutout to AussieHoppy, who provided the original design that my BAG evolved from - AussieHoppy is now our Australian distributor for the BAG.  And my parents in Taiwan who referred many friends in my search for suitable suppliers and tooling makers and actually help assemble the pan & tilt units themselves.  I would also like to thank LouKhan, AussieHoppy and RoboBiggles for their early support and videos showing how well the the BAG works.  And also the Blackstar FPV Demo Team for beta testing and helping me promote the BAG.  And finally my son Ethan (Motionsic Jr.) also deserve a huge round of applause for helping me design and populate the website.  I would not be able to get it across the finish line without their help!

So now it's your turn to give head-tracking FPV a go.  The biggest hang-up has been solved.  What are you waiting for?

Motionsic BAG FPV pan/tilt installed under RC plane canopy

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